01. The Smiths used a marriage counselor to [mediate] their separation, and were able to settle things without any major problems.
02. The principal encouraged the students to act as [mediators] in disputes between their peers in the school.
03. The United Nations has been working to [mediate] the peace talks between the countries involved in the conflict.
04. The union has asked for [mediation] in their negotiations with the administration in order to avoid a strike.
05. After having a fight with the boss, Kareem asked one of the other managers to [mediate] their dispute.
06. A number of political prisoners have been released through the [mediation] of the American President.
07. Some people believe in angels who [mediate] between Heaven and earth.
08. The twin processes of respiration and photosynthesis serve to [mediate] the exchange of carbon between our atmosphere and the biosphere.
09. Beethoven once said that music is the [mediator] between the spiritual and the sensual life.
10. There is an Iranian proverb which observes that the [mediator] in a fight gets all the blows.
11. I was asked to [mediate] in a conflict between the boss and one of my co-workers.
12. In ancient Egypt, kings were believed to [mediate] between the people and the gods.
13. The union has been unable to reach a settlement with the administration, and has asked for the services of a well-known [mediator].
14. Because of its policy of neutrality, Switzerland often acts as a [mediator] in international conflicts.
15. In August of 1990, King Hussein of Jordan flew to Washington in an attempt to [mediate] the United States-Iraq conflict.
16. The dispute was [mediated] in about three days, thus avoiding a strike.

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